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5 Tips For A Great Engagement Shoot!

July 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tip#1 Timing

Being on time to the shoot is very important! Especially for outdoor sessions as the light is the key to great images! You don’t want to show up late and have to rush through you session as this will show in the final images. Sunset and sunrise are the best times to shoot


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Tip# 2 Location Location Location 

The location you chose will greatly impact the final outcome of your images. When picking your location consider the theme of your wedding, what you enjoy doing together, where he proposed, your hobbies and what type of look you want. A great way to communicate what you like is through Pintrest! You can send your photographer images so they can get a better idea of what you are wanting out of your session. ( keep in mind, photography is a type of art, each photographer has a unique style. The images you send to your photographer wont be identical but rather an inspiration for your session.



Tip#3 Coordinate! 

When picking out your attire for the shoot you should both look like you are headed to the same place. Avoid a lot of patterns, prints and logos. Keep it balanced, if one decides to wear a pattern top have the other wear a solid. 

Emily + Trent Engagements

Tip#4 Hair and Makeup 

It is important that you apply more makeup for the photoshoot than you normally would. Even if you are going for a subtle look. Makeup does not show up the same in camera, light bouncing off of the makeup changes the way it looks and can make it less dramatic. I would recommend hiring a professional for both hair and makeup 

Tip#5 Be yourself!  

Your photographer will worry about posing, You just focus on being in the moment and having fun! The last thing you want is to look tense and uncomfortable. The best images are those where the couples are relaxed and in the moment.



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